Friday, May 02, 2008

Kindergarten Registration

Yesterday, I registered Little Man for Kindergarten. KINDERGARTEN! It hardly seems possible. Yep, they grow up really fast (sniff sniff!) What a process the registration was. It involved standing in a long line three times. The paperwork was considerable, but at least I didn't have to fill out the same paperwork twice like I have many years for our twins.

Some things have changed since I registered the twins for Kindergarten 10 years ago in the same school. The paperwork is one thing...the paperwork involves much more of "who has CUSTODY of the child?" than I remembered. There's room to list several guardians, ex-husbands, ex-wives, significant partners and such, I guess....also places for home phone, cell phone, pager, etc...several pages to fill all that stuff out. It's scary to me that this is our culture now. When my mom registered me for Kindergarten in 1970, it was probably one page. If my mom wasn't home and something happened, there wasn't a cell phone to call...and yet, I survived!

My son will go to a three day, half day session at his new school in June. It is to get the kids familiar with the school before the school year starts. Unfortunately, they only have about 60 spots for 240 or more kids. I hope Little Man is able to go.

Little Guy has Croup, so I started my day at 4:15 am. I think tonight may be bad for him.

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