Saturday, May 03, 2008

My Art Business and Marketing Pages

Several months ago, I came to a realization - I was receiving quite a few emails from people who wanted information on how to start a pencil portrait business. Others had started a pencil portrait business, but had no idea how to find clients. It struck me that there was a need for this information.

I grabbed one of my kids' blank composition notebooks, and whenever I had a spare moment here or there, I jotted down advice that I would give someone who was starting a pencil portrait business. My first thought was that it would become an e-book, but when I discovered a site Squidoo, I realized that it would be a perfect place to put the information. After all, why not share it? Now I can direct people who email me for advice to the page on Squidoo that deals with what they need. It saves me time overall, but it is also gives the information seeker much more thorough information than I would be able to give them in a single email.

You can read all my art business pages here.

I've created pages about art marketing, affiliate programs, dealing with difficult situations, what to charge for portraits, advice on advertising, and more. You'll also find how-to art tutorials. The most popular is How to Draw Hair.

So, if you have been looking for information like this, be sure to check out the pages. I am always looking for advice and suggestions!

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