Monday, March 24, 2008

Another Top 10 Artwork

I received another email this morning that an artwork made it into the Top Ten on Artwanted again. It really makes my day. Here is the artwork, a commissioned portrait of a little boy. I should take a good digital shot of it, so the whole artwork can be shown I thought the outer background areas looked pretty cool, but you can't see all of that in the scan. I need to start working smaller or get a larger scanner! I shaded in the background and then used kneaded rubber eraser to bring out some light into the background.

I hope I can get some artwork done today. So far, my day has been filled with driving kids to school. I had a conference with my daughter's teachers.

Little Guy is making a habit of taking his Pull-Up training pants off and wanting me to put them back on him. I have lost count how many times I have helped him put them on. I stopped counting after about 15. I keep telling myself that someday I will laugh about this.


Westridge said...

You do realize that fudges their traffic so that it appears to be more. There was an article about that on emptycanvas.

Darla said...

First of all Westridge, after everything we've been through together, (huh?) I can't believe you are cheating on me by reading other blogs. (LOL)

I found the article, it had too much math and statistics in it for me. If I could understand all that junk I would build websites or be a SEO expert.

Whether they 'fudge' things or not, an artist can put their artwork on there for free (I think it's 5 uploads a month), and it's very easy for beginners. There are over 20,000 artists on the site.
I pay $39 a year for unlimited uploads, which I think is quite a bargain. I am able to more quickly upload images to that site than I can to my own website...and I have a lot of art on there that is not on my regular art site for that reason.

I also like having the private gallery so I can show a client art on the site without showing it to the world, and that way I don't have to always email my clients huge images.

I know there are free places to post art, but I think ArtWanted is just a nice easy place to work with for artists who are just beginning to show their art online.

If I had to say something negative about the site, I don't like their print confuses me and a lot of other people (but they are working on redesigning that part I think)...and I would love to see other artists give more critiques of others' works, instead of just praising. Positive criticism can be useful, and I wish people on the site would do more of that.


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