Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our Easter Day with Photos

Oh my goodness, I must admit I have chocolate overload today but I'll try to type a decent blog post...

Here's how our Easter went.

We started the day with an Easter egg hunt in our yard. Mental note to prepare more eggs for next year. It keeps slipping my mind that I need to upsize everything now that we have four kids! They're all getting bigger by the day so they need a lot of eggs to hunt!

We went to church early because I had volunteered to be a greeter. It means getting to church about an hour early. I conscripted my daughter to help. She is really shy, but I think she did fine! It was really funny when another greeter came to us as the prior service was letting out, and she asked us if we had heard that we should be "un-greeting." Huh? UN-greeting? It meant saying "bye, thanks for coming, hope to see you next week!" and that sort of thing. Oh, I was just being nice to people! ... so we ungreeted and then greeted. Lots of the kids leaving Sunday School had received Easter treats. I couldn't get one kid to give me any. I don't know what they are teaching those kids at that church! They were meanies. Don't they know I need candy?!? LOL!

I planned to take the family out to eat, but by the time we got home, everyone just seemed like they wanted to veg out. So I ordered take-out from a wonderful local place called Joes to Goes.
Love, love, love, love them! Fantastic burgers that do not taste like takeout, and steak fries. Lots of calories but well worth every bit of it.

A little while after that, we had a yellow cake with chocolate frosting that I made yesterday. I washed some small plastic eggs and put them around the top for decoration. Yes, it was slap-dash, but it impressed suitably.

We executed 3 chocolate bunnies. Wow, that sounds harsh, doesn't it? But they were chocolate so no real bunnies were harmed.

That's about it. Let me know how your Easter day was!

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Jan said...

Wow! Your boys are getting so big!!!

Sounds like you had a nice Easter!!!

Have a super week!!


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