Monday, September 10, 2007

sick little guy

Little Guy will be 2 years old in about a month. He is really talking up a storm these days! I love to see the satisfaction on his face when he has gotten his point across using some words. He uses "down" for "up," but we figured it out and hope he'll understand "up" soon!

He's so cute it's unbelievable, but all parents think that about their kid, don't they? So I will refrain from telling you how blue his eyes are and how cute his little cheeks are...oops! I need to get a picture put into the blog, I promise to do that soon. I have a ton of good photos.

He has the flu or something. Yesterday his fever clocked in at 102. I'm keeping a close eye on him and tempting him with yummy drinks like Kool-Aid that I normally wouldn't give him to get him to drink more. It's hard to see him sick but hopefully it'll be over soon and I'll have something interesting to talk about.

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