Saturday, November 18, 2006

Colored Pencil Portrait in Progress

Here is a colored pencil portrait I've been working on. The paper size is 18x24" and the artwork takes up about half of that space (this photo is cropped) and the paper is also white, not blue or dark looking as it is in this photo.

I really like how it's coming out. Right now it is very light but it will be gradually darkened as the layers are added. I have used only the Sanford Verithin colored pencils so far on this. I like the look it has - kind of like watercolor but with texture. I love this little boy's expression, so adorable.

This one is a commissioned pencil portrait, but I am thinking about doing a portrait like this of each of my kids and then framing them and putting them on the wall in a grid pattern as a 'set'... at least until they are all grown and can take their picture on with them through life :)

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