Sunday, November 19, 2006

the way it was...

20 years ago (1986 - age 21):
-I was a newlywed and we lived in a 2nd floor apartment in Savannah
-I lugged my clothes to the laundromat.
-I worked at the bookstore in the mall.

15 years ago (1991 - age 26):
-I was manager of a bookstore and I often bicycled to work.
-I lived in an apartment in Stone Mountain GA. Washer and dryer in apartment (YAY)
-I started drawing more and did some calligraphy by commission.

10 years ago (1996 - age 31):
-Our twins were 3 years old and we were finally living in a house for a couple years.
-I worked as office manager for an oral surgeon.
-I can't remember much from this time period because my twins were 3 years old LOL.

5 years ago (2001 - age 36):
-I had recently quit my day job.
-I had been doing pencil portraits by commission for a little while.

3 years ago (2003 - age 38):

-I had a baby boy.
-tried to lose weight.
-the rest is a blur.

Last year (2005 - age 40):
-I had a baby boy. (deja vu)
-nearly daily trips to the store to buy milk, diapers.
-adopted a Shetland Sheepdog.

This year (2006 - age 41):

-still trying to lose weight.
-still constantly buying milk.
-remember to buy milk tomorrow.

Yesterday (November 18, 2006):
-paid bills
-Napped 30 minutes
-a virtually perfect day except for the time my 3 year old rolled off my bed and hit his face on a chair (he's okay, just a bruise).

Last night (November 18, 2006):
-Watched movie 'Little Shop of Horrors'
-considered vacuuming but didn't.

Today (November 19, 2006):
-am thinking this list is taking longer to fill out than I planned.
-finally vacuum.
-try to get some artwork done but must remember it's Sunday so try to relax a bit.

Tomorrow (November 20, 2006):
-work fast during my 13 month old's naptime.
-work with daughter on her pre-algebra and science.
-go grocery shopping.

Next year (2007 - age 42):
-illustrate another book.
-stare blankly at my daughter's math homework.
-work fast during toddler's naptime or just breathe.

5-10 years from now (2011-2016 - age 46-51):
-my twin daughters will graduate from high school.
-my baby will have begun kindergarten.
-create art for the sheer fun of it, take some art classes, catch up on scrapbooks.


letti said...

wow, that was really interesting to read, even though it was just snippets, but quite revealing. I'm stuck on the "still trying to lose weight" phase. LOL. Oh, and as for whether or not there may be things that my family couldn't get in malaysia, i doubt it, - they even have the world's 5th largest mall in the world in malaysia - This happened after I came here in Dec 2003, I suppose, so i'm jealous - . that mall houses the world's biggest waldenbrooks/borders bookshop - lol, i may have to get THEM to send ME stuff. hehe. We also have hypermarkets kind of like Sam's and Costco in M'sia but they're more like, French or British franchises. I guess the only unique thing i can get them is unique Texas paraphernalia! Anyway, Have a great week ahead!

Cindy said...

How fun! It's so interesting to read this. I honestly had no idea you were 41. I horrible with age though - I'd never make it as one of those people at carnivals that guesses age and weight.

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Letti - thanks for your message, I had no idea Malaysia had a huge mall like that!

Cindy - thanks for pointing out to the people who can't do math how ancient I am LOL!!! Hugs! Age is just a number...a very large number for me hahaha


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