Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fun, fun, fun!

Yesterday was fun fun fun! Okay, yes I am being sarcastic.
It was one of those days that just zipped by without a moment to spare!

I had to go to my doctor's appointment without eating anything since about 9 pm the night before. Little Guy woke me up at 4:30 am. I gave him a bottle and got him back to bed. Although I tried desperately, I could not get back to sleep until about 6 am because I felt so hungry.

Alarm clock buzzed a mere hour later. Hit the 'sleep' button and finally dragged my sorry self out of bed about 7:30. I should mention about here that our Shetland Sheepdog has been suffering from diarrhea. PRAISE THE LORD for the invention of the dog crate, for of course he couldn't control it and went in the crate a few times. (update, he's feeling better now). As you can imagine, and I'm sorry to give you this visual and this scent-ual, but that was not a lovely thing to wake up to.

After taking the dog out, the girls get off to school and I'm off to my doctor's appointment. Cold, windy, and rainy. I can't find the umbrella. Rumor has it that we once had one of them. My appointment was at 9:15 am. I saw the doctor, was surprise that she wanted to do an EKG on me. Visit over, I am told to wait in the waiting room again. Over an hour goes by, so I finally go up to the window to ask is there a problem? Should we just reschedule this? By now, I haven't eaten anything for nearly 12 hours, and I'm kind of eager to eat. Sure 'nuff, they had misplaced my phlebotomy order (that there's fancy talk for blood test). I finally got my blood test. This is the first time in a long time that I have felt a little faint while giving blood, probably because I needed to eat. I had peanuts and a banana out in the car and felt a lot better after that. I stayed sitting for awhile to let my blood sugar level regulate. I didn't want to drive right away in case the light headedness returned.

I got home and had about an hour before I needed to take my daughter to school for a parent teacher conference. This involved meeting with 5 teachers. Found out DD2's main failure in school and life is that she's just like me. I can tell you that Science is a lot harder than it was when I was in 7th grade. Pre-Algebra was always hard for me. These are the two classes that she is having trouble with. She needs to pass the Gateway and the CRCT to be able to pass 7th grade. We'll be working on that a lot. We had our own meeting in the car rather than rush into the house when we got home, so we could work out a strategy for her. We both knew it would be chaos in the house, so we'd better talk in the car!

When we got inside, I fed Little Guy, cooked dinner (Stroganoff), and DD2 and I cleaned out her bookbag. She had months of old paperwork in there. When we were done, she was amazed at how much lighter her bookbag was! Hmm...challenged by organization and clutter? Told you she was just like me. She's talented and creative, but needs to work on organization and staying focused on goals.

Today I have: taken out the dog, fed the dog, worked on two loads of laundry and done the dishes. Cleaned off the kitchen counters, changed diapers and Pull Ups, completed a portrait during Little Guy's naptime.

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