Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm working on the illustrations for the new book, What Really Happened During Ancient Times for Knowledge Quest Inc.

This portrait of Gilgamesh is 4.75" x 7.75" and was done by combining elements from 4 different picture references.

The pictures of him that I have to work from are all of sculptures or bas relief. I tried to make him look alive. The background we want for these illustrations is a papyrus texture. The background isn't very difficult's just light crosshatched pencil lines - I just have to remember to keep them only vertical and horizontal, then I go over them again in areas to give an even more irregular look like papyrus would have.

This is just a quick digital shot of the artwork. I still want to work on some fine details and the background a bit more.
This took about 2 hours. I used 2B, 4B, and 6B Tombow (Homo-Graph) Mono 100 pencils and a mechanical pencil with 2B graphite. The blending was done with a chamois and totillions. I use erasers as tools for highlighting, not just erasing...the erasers I used were the Staedtler-Mars white drafting eraser, kneaded rubber eraser, and a Clik-Pen eraser made by Pentel. Snacks were peanut M&Ms and Sunkist Orange Soda.

The other characters I will be drawing for this book are Eve, Constantine, Noah, Imhotep (Joseph as known to the Hebrews), Daniel, Cyrus the Great, Eratosthenes, and maybe another figure, but not sure yet.

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