Saturday, July 01, 2006

Look out world, here comes Noah! He withstood all the wisecracking remarks about building the ark.
Noah teaches us to listen, follow directions, and trust in the Lord.

This book illustration is also 4.75" x 7.75" and is in graphite pencil. I used 2B and 6B Tombow Mono (animation) pencils and my trusty mechanical pencil. I brought out the highlights using a PenTel ClikEraser and kneaded rubber eraser.

The kneaded eraser is a great tool to bring out soft, subtle effects in hair and in making the rainbow. I am probably going to add the peace dove holding the olive branch/twig, but not sure yet. I kind of like the simplicity of this the way it is. I thought about putting some water in the background, but because the illustration has to be all black and white, I thought it might make the drawing too busy, and the water might not 'translate' to the viewer as water.
(when in doubt, leave it out is my motto).

For art reference, I used a public domain/royalty free photo I found of an elderly man in a robe. I made changes to his face, his beard, and his walking stick. The head wear and a few design details added from an old painting of Noah.

He has the right to just stand there now. You try building an ark to specific measurements, put up with all your neighbor's negativity without resorting to cursing, gathering up all the creatures on earth two by two (yes, even the rattlesnakes), sail around for 40 days and 40 nights with all your kids and in-laws! He deserves to relax and kick back. Actually, I'd draw a La-Z-Boy recliner with massager for him except the book publisher won't let me. Something about 'historical accuracy.' Harumpf!
Picky, picky.

Have a good day!

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