Friday, May 19, 2006

I am really tired from that garage clean out. I'm sure today's post will be kind of rambling, as is the way I get when I get really tired.

This week has gone so quickly and it seemed like every day there was so much to do. I didn't get to the gym to workout at all. I have gotten kind of used to going, it has really helped my back a lot. I have gone 3 times a week for the last 3 weeks, but this week was totally shot. But at least I have the Terminix work out of the way. I got a lot of junk out of the garage.

I Freecycled a ton of stuff. The non-greedy part of me is lifted up and blessed by giving to others. The hungry, perfectionist side of me thinks I should have had a garage sale. But I don't have the time for that. I barely had time for Freecycling. I probably received a hundred emails asking for the stuff I posted.

I haven't gotten any work on commissioned pieces done, and I haven't done any more work on the VanGogh reproduction of Starry Night. I beat myself up over not being able to get stuff done.

The maintenance of the inside of the house: dishes, vacuuming, picking up, and laundry - sort of fell to the wayside while I worked on the garage. But I told myself I would be able to catch up.

My new good friend Amy came over for a little while with her cute lil daughter. She could use some of my giveaway items. She expressed a lot of the same burnout and guilt as I have about not being able to get art accomplished at the rate of speed we would like. It did make me feel better to be reminded that other people are going through the same thing...although of course I don't wish that on my friend!

This afternoon I finally got a chance to clean up the living room a bit and vacuumed it while I had Little Guy asleep and Little Man (2-1/2 years old) played on Noggin. I've put him in bed but he's having a tantrum about it and crying his eyes out. It would really tug at my heartstrings if I wasn't so exhausted and it's nearly 9 pm. I mean, go to sleep already!!!

This past week has also seen a surge in the tantrums. They certainly aren't the worst tantrums I've ever seen in any of my kids, but they are new for Little Man. I am lacking in energy overall. I think trying to do everything is wearing me down.

I will either need to get some help around here in the house or have Little Man go to preschool a few mornings per week I think, just to give me some time to recharge. I haven't had a really decent night's sleep in several years. But I always feel a little down when I'm tired. By morning everything will be great again! :)

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