Thursday, May 18, 2006

My week has not turned out like I planned it. (wahhh!)

I had Terminix come out and do a termite inspection and treat the house. They trench close to the house where there isn't concrete, and drill holes where there is concrete. The holes are drilled about 12 inches apart, then Termidor is put in, then they put in a little plastic plug, and then they fill the holes with cement...they are really not very'd think they would be.

Now we have a big job on our hands of moving everything either toward the center of the garage, or moving it out of the garage entirely. So we'll have a perfect episode of Clean Sweep
going on right here in Snellville! (really, I should submit our house for the show, whenever I get the sudden urge to be insulted by an Australian professional organizer and TV host, I will).

Anyway, I am really glad I have the termite prevention program going now, it is a real load off my mind. If you know Georgia's climate at all, it's summed up very well in one short word: humid. Termites just love the climate here. We do have a slight bit of termite damage on our garage door, but the treatment is going to kill off any active termites within 90 days (will kill the whole colonies, any on our property). I know God created the little munchers to be wood clean-up and composters, but if God could just teach them the difference between houses and plain old wood, that would be really nice. When I get a new garage door, I'm going to get an insulated metal one. Imagine the termite's surprise.

So I'll be working on cleaning out the garage to get the treatment totally finished ASAP...time is of the essence in something like this. I'd so much rather be working on art, but this is the way it goes sometimes. It's a great investment to take care of the house.

The air conditioning has gone out in one car, the other car needs to go into the dealership because of a recall of a faulty ignition switch (no biggie, my hand could just catch on fire suddenly, that's all).

So I'll get these things done, get the A/C fixed in the car, have tires checked, rotated, and a tuneup, and possibly go for a little trip with the kids to Savannah soon.


Cindy said...

I signed my mom up for Clean Sweep, but they only do houses in California.

I love that show. :)

If I ever won the lottery, I want to become a professional organizer. I would come to your house and help your organize your garage, and I would love it. Yes, I am weird!!

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Oh they only do the houses in Cali, huh? I didn't know that. Well that rescue idea is shot :) Wanting to organize eh? That nesting instinct is kicking in!
I wish you lived nearby too! I know we would be good buddies!


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