Sunday, May 21, 2006

Happy Sunday morning!

I finally feel a lot better today. Maybe I was fighting a virus, who knows?
Just glad to be feeling better, because I sure have a lot to do. If you remember what the 7 Dwarves' cottage looked like in Snow White before Snow came in and cleaned it all up, that's kind of what my kitchen looks like now. But I don't know if I want birds and squirrels helping me wash dishes.

I am still working on distributing a bunch of stuff from my garage to people on Freecycle. I learned a good lesson...don't try to Freecycle 20 things at once. The emails were madness! From now on, I'll just give away about 2 items a week. After all, clutter got into the house gradually and it'll take regular but gradual effort to get it out of the house!

I still haven't gotten any more artwork done. It is very frustrating to want to do something that you just can't get to. Forunately, I have the coolest, most understanding clients in the world! Wish I could afford a housekeeper to come in once in awhile or a little bit of daycare for the youngest kids - just a couple mornings a week would give me so much additional sanity! This summer will be really interesting. Let's see if Darla can hold it together LOL!!!

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Jan said...

Love your comment about clutter getting in gradually, so you will gradually get it out. How freeing is that!?!


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