Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I have been working on the display for a promotional board
for my chapter of the
ABWA. This is for a membership drive. Here's 4 sheets of what I have done so far.

I normally wouldn't go for red on a gray/blue background paper, but the display board that these will be attached to has been described as 'blue.' Well, as you know, there are a billion shades of blue. Because I'm an office supply nerd, I expect the board to be either Royal Blue or Navy Blue. Just going with the odds! So I decided to make the background one that would look nice on either blue. White was another possible option, but I thought it would look too generic.

I knew I wanted to incorporate red into the theme, because red is usually part of the ABWA logo. These will be going on a triptych sort of display board. I want 3 pages of general/national information on the ABWA on each side panel, and I want the middle panel to be about our local chapter with the ABWA logo at the top, our chapter name, then the ABWA Mission Statement below that.

Now I just need to finish up some more pages, and then compile the information and photos for the local chapter section. I have an ABWA logo I printed out that I will need to colorize in some way. Then within the next couple of days I will be taking all of these to be laminated. I'll then attach Velcro to the backs, so we can reuse these on the display board that belongs to one of the members, Barbara McClure of ImageSpa in Snellville. (it can't be permanent, because she needs to be able to use the board for her business.

It is a little challenging to do a project like this one, because my top skills are in drawing, not in scrapbooking - I do enjoy scrapbooking. I just want to make sure it will look professional.

I always feel blessed that I can visualize things like this in my head, then all I have to do is scribble down the plan and follow it and it all works out okay.

erhaps I have too much information on the sheets. I'm not sure if ladies will have time to stare at the board and read all this stuff at an event, and if they do have that kind of time, I'd be a little concerned about them. LOL

Well I better get to work some more on it now so I can get it done today.

Thanks for stopping by!


Eddy said...

I love your artwork!
It is awesome!
I also love to draw pencil portraits.

I speak spanish.BUt I am learning english!
do you have some tutorial about how to draw ?
Thanks a lot!

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Hola, Eddy! I visited your blog and the drawing there is beautiful! I have a few tutorials...one is on my website, www.darladixon.com and here in my blog, if you look at the links on the right side that read "On Drawing Archives," I have linked to some of the posts that have more to do with how to draw (I don't think you need my drawing advice though, your artwork is great!)


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