Monday, March 20, 2006

Desperately Seeking Chocolate

Ah that joyous thing called PMS.
Yes guys it's REAL.

I swear, it is.
You'll have to just take my word for it.

I know when I have PMS.

know I have PMS when I'm making tuna casserole and I have to be careful not to get my tears in it.

know when my fuse is so short that I shouldn't even drive.

I know when I need to just chill out and sit down at the table and put my head on my arms and keep my mouth shut before I say anything hateful.
Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't. I find I will feel worse if I let myself get hateful, because then I have guilt!

There is a great episode of the TV show
Everybody Loves Raymond that illustrates PMS perfectly. In that episode, Ray's wife, Debra has PMS. Given that Debra is generally grouchy anyway, she is particularly scary when she has PMS. It's a wonderful, well-written episode, but unfortunately too real to life for me to find it to be as hilarious as it should be.

The snacking, craving salty snacks...that's
I snack voraciously when I need to. I try to take it easy when I think I'm having PMS - I don't pressure myself about housework for a day or two. Everything becomes a disaster, but I just let go and it is easily fixed up in the following days. I never let it get too behind.

Chocolate for PMS? - yes, that really helps. Definitely dark chocolate. Milk chocolate doesn't really seem to help as much. I think we need really concentrated cocoa for it to work.

If your girlfriend or wife has PMS, what can you do to help you ask?
Bring chocolate home and stay out of swinging range.

If you're reading this, my husband has survived.

Send chocolate to:

Darla Dixon PO Box 1755 Snellville GA 30078


ashleymclure said...

My husband will admit that I can be very scary during PMS. He's managed to survive quite a while, but I think he'd rather live elsewhere while it's going on.

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Yeah, really! LOL...Just so he knows, we women don't enjoy it either! In the next few years, we'll have THREE ladies in this house (my girls are 12). We don't have a basement for my husband to live in, but I think he just might DIG one himself with his fingernails!!! :)


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