Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tornado Warning Last Night

We ended up spending about 20 minutes in our bathroom last night...all of us, the dog too!
As if the bathroom didn't already smell bad! The dog really needs a bath.

I had to grab a bottle, diapers, and the battery operated radio and a couple of flashlights.
It comes down to the basics of life, doesn't it?

So I sat in the bathroom with my back against the wall and my feet against another wall, with the baby on my legs and arms, to give him a bottle (then he fell asleep). I had a major leg cramp by the time I was able to get up.

There was a lot of swirling air above Snellville, they said on the radio. It was a close one.
It was a very fast moving storm, and we didn't even get any hail,
but some areas near us did get hail, several inches in diameter.

The bathroom is our best bet for tornado survival, as we don't have a basement - the bathroom is the most enclosed/central part of the house.


Cindy said...

Have you ever actually had a tornado come close to your house?

I've heard that if it sounds like a train is coming, get to your safe room. We heard that once - I love to watch summer thunderstorms outside because it is warm and awesome. We heard the train sound and I ran like a crazy lady. I only had time to grab my cat and run to the basement to start shivering like... well... a crazy lady. The torando did come by our area but never touched down. That was VERY scary.

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

We've had the warnings and they have come close, but never so that I heard the 'train' sound. I have heard that it really DOES sound like a train! I'd rather already be in the 'safe' room before I hear that sound. I know I can't outrun a tornado, and having to get all the kids and the dog in the bathroom at once and keep them there is a challenge!


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