Monday, January 02, 2006

I'm drawn to it (bad pun)

I continue to use every spare moment
I can find to work on art commissions. Last night that free moment was after midnight, so I stayed up until 1:30 am - but, I got it done! I just love getting something completed again finally. Unfortunately, I continue to do pencil portrait art commissions that I can't share, or it could spoil the nice surprise for the recipient of the gift. So you won't get to see much in the way of pencil portrait examples here for awhile.

My daughter got a new Sony portable CD player and I used it to listen to ELO's Greatest Hits while I drew. There's nothing like a fast song to get some art done more quickly!

Freaky Dreams

Have you ever dreamed stuff that makes you wonder if you should just go check into the mental ward? Two nights ago, I had some really strange dreams. So strange in fact, that I won't even try to tell the details about them. Suffice to say my dears, that the evening's collection included mind controlling zombies and the worst funeral director ever. Let's just leave it at that...I was disturbed by my weird dreams, but then I realized that I have been sick, including a headache and some stomach virus, so I think it was because of that.

You can start thinking there is something seriously wrong with your head when you dream strange things, can't you? That's when it's a blessing when you run across someone who is weird and freakier than you think you are - even when they're conscious. I won't mention the website, but it was strange. I really felt better after that. So whenever you feel like you are a weirdo, just go web surfing and you're sure to find someone who's more of a freak. Isn't the Internet wonderful?

Just so you know, I put up a good fight against the mind-controlling zombies...I hit one with a fire extinguisher when she had me backed into a corner. I then hurled my self into an air shaft to make my escape. I am really athletic in my strange dreams. Any zombie-rights activists reading this blog - please notice, I only hit the zombie when I absolutely HAD to.


The Insurance Salesman said...

I used to have crazy dreams like that. Right before I woke up there would be ants all over me. As started waking up I could still see the ants crawling in and out of my skin. Talk about jumping out of bed!

Cindy said...

Dreams are weird. I've had dreams where I become she-rambo and go on killing sprees, and I get all shot up and think the end is near, and then I just wake up. I mean, what the heck kind of dream is that?

I had a dream the other night where my entire family was making fun of me. And I woke up crying. I hate when the dream emotions carry on into reality.


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