Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Yesterday I took the girls to the mall for ear piercing. This day has been much anticipated. It is part of their Christmas presents.

We went to Piercing Pagoda, near the food court for this. I even got mine pierced - this was the first time I ever had my ears pierced.

Piercing Pagoda was pretty good. If you are considering having your earlobes pierced through with a sharp implement, then Piercing Pagoda is as good a place as any.

Standing there at the counter, I reconsidered doing it and even felt butterflies in my stomach, but I had read up on all the risk factors and made an informed decision to be stupid.

DD1 chose small crystal earrings that reflect colors. DD2 chose small turtles. I chose some cubic zirconia studs with white gold. We went with the high quality metals so we would have less chance of irritation. Now we need to clean around our earrings 2-3x a day for 6 weeks, then we can change out these earrings for different ones.

When it was all over, we were all glad we felt the fear and did it anyway!

Earrings 120x60


Cindy said...

I used to work at Silver and Gold Connection - which was owned by piercing pagoda.

It was always fun to pierce people's ears - but not babies. Some people would walk up with their four year old kid and want their ears pierced.

We had to practice on each other to get our piercing technique just right. I had many holes in my ears and would just take the earring right out afterward to make the hole close up. I even earned a Bachelors of Piercing. Woo hoo!

Glad you had fun. My mom made me wait until I was 12 to get my ears pierced.

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

I made the girls wait until 12 years old too! But found out while we were surfing the net to find out the risks of piercing, etc...that the experts now think it's actually safer when kids are younger - less chance of side effects, keloids. I was surprised about that.

Ahermitt said...

Hey D, I got my kids ears pierced thier last Christmas... be careful with their earings though.. once once you take the the peicers, and put in replacements... the others by PP break or fall out too easy.

MIL finally purchased a quality pair of earrings (expensive) and I haven't had to replace any since!

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Thanks Andrea! I think we'll stick with good quality silver and gold as long as we can. I have had metal allergies so I know it's worth the little extra money. Silver isn't very expensive these days, luckily!


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