Thursday, December 22, 2005

Yesterday I did a lot of walking. The girls were at a friend's house, and miraculously I was able to get Little Guy and Little Man asleep at the same time. DH stayed home, and I took Laser (our Sheltie) on a fairly long walk with a few short runs. He really enjoyed it.
He met a good looking Beagle gal. They wanted to hang out together so I practically had to drag Laser away from her.

He had to stop to check his 'pee-mail' (that's what I call the dog version of e-mail -when a dog sniffs around every tree and mailbox, checking for messages left by other dogs) I was able to get some rest periods. Laser returned a lot of his messages. It was cold out, but refreshing. I had a slight headache before we started, but I've noticed if I get out and exercise, I feel better afterward. I burned off the carbs from the spaghetti I had for dinner.

Everyone in the family seems to be on the edge of getting a head cold. I'm either alcohol wiping or Lysol-ing doorknobs, faucets, lightswitches, the computer keyboard/mouse, phone, or TV remote control a lot around here. It's a miracle I haven't gotten sick this fall yet. I just can't afford the time to get sick. I've been taking my vitamins and drinking a lot of water.
When I feel allergy sniffles, I take one of my Benadryls before I go to bed. It seems to be helping.

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