Saturday, December 24, 2005

Good thing I took a picture of the Christmas cookies, they were gobbled up last night! The glass plate was a wedding gift from 20 years ago - can you believe I remember stuff like that? But who gave it to us, I don't remember! I thought about putting a red or green tablecloth under the plate so the photo would look better, but I was too lazy - so for now, enjoy the lovely woodgrain of my kitchen table. It's quite hypnotic.

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ashleymclure said...

Merry Christmas! My sweet potato souffle isn't so much a recipe as 'guidelines'. A lot of it is "to taste" and "until it looks right". :) I'll still share it if you'd like, though.

The Polar system is a running computer. It'll keep tabs of my pace, heart rate, etc. A lot like the computer attached to the nicer treadmills, only I don't have to hold onto anything or be on a treadmill.


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