Monday, December 26, 2005

As usual, I had a cold for Christmas. I am still fighting it. Fortunately I had made fixing Christmas dinner easy on myself by ordering a smoked turkey breast and a pecan pie from Honeybaked Ham Company. I expected a smoked turkey flavor, but just a heads up on this, it tasted like ham! So if you can't have ham for some reason and crave it, just order the honeybaked turkey!

Other yummies on the menu: turkey stuffing, fordhook lima beans, steamed broccoli flowerets with cheese melted on top, yeast rolls, wheat rolls, devilled eggs, and a macaroni and cheese casserole dish that my brother in law fixed. How he got it to look so good, I don't know. I should have taken a picture of it, but I didn't. He said it took him a whole hour to prepare it.

The desserts were pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and a chocolate pudding type pie. Which one do you think everyone liked the best? The chocolate one, of course.

The biggest surprise of the day was when the doorbell rang in the morning, and who was there but a United States Postal employee with a box from the kid's grandparents! The employee was using her personal minivan to make deliveries on Christmas. When I asked her about it (in utter amazement) she said "It's fun!" So this is one of the benefits of the USPS becoming a for profit entity. Long live Capitalism! :) It certainly was like having Santa come to the door!

The cute moment of the day was when Little Man was pulling wrapping paper off a present, and we asked him, "what's inside?" - he exclaimed loudly, "it's a BOX!!!"


Kristi said...

Darla, I just found your blog - actually by looking at the "quilt of phenomenal women" website! I think it's not a coincidence either, since I have just recently taken up the hobby of graphite pencil drawing. I am just starting out. Visit my blog if you have a chance - maybe we can email and you can give me some tips! I have 2 young kids but still want to pursue art in this way. Your art is inspiring.

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Hi Kristi, I'm glad you stopped by! Yes it is certainly challenging, to say the least - to try to get art done with 4 kids running around, but it's important to me, so I always try my best to get it done. The housework can sometimes pile up, though! I was sorry to read in your blog about the recent deaths in your family. You have the right attitude and God will get you all through it. Hugs, Darla


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