Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I gave up on the idea of having DD2 go to Sylvan for tutoring. 4K is just too much, considering she just needs to pass the math portion of the Georgia CRCT. I went online looking for software test preparation stuff, and came across a site called I was able to get a test prep kit (software and book) for less than $30 total. It should arrive today. So we'll work on this 16 hours a week and make sure she is tested in the program and passes with flying this way, we can avoid the whole hassle of summer school. If it works well, I will share the success...if it is not a good thing to do, I will share that too! But I have a good feeling about it.

Last night I had some more pregnancy dreams...not that they had anything to do with pregnancy. Ugh...I am tired just from the dream! Actually I guess it was more of a nightmare. I was back working at Waldenbooks...we had lines at all four registers. Everyone was angry and impatient. All the people I have ever worked with at Waldenbooks were there...well, the good workers anyway, thank goodness. One lady was trying to return a book with a receipt. The receipt looked nothing like our receipts and it was soaked with food grease. Looking through the haze of grease, I could see that it was a restaurant receipt. With a straight face, I explained this to the lady and her daughter. "Are you sure?" she asked. I assured her yes, I was we had had the same type of receipts since 1985, when I started working there. So she did what any receipt-saving-red-blooded-American-shopper would do...she dumped an entire purse-load of receipts on the counter and expected me to go through it to find HER receipt, while a line of 20 people behind her moaned. Ah yes, this dream was all TOO realistic!

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