Friday, June 10, 2005

I had the Level 2 Ultrasound today. It looks like it's a boy! Everything looks good, except there is excess amniotic fluid - which can mean I have gestational diabetes again. I will have the sugar tolerance test to check for sure for gestational diabetes on July 1st. Then I will go back to the ultrasound tech and they will check the amniotic fluid level again. The ultrasound pictures are SO good!

We got the assessment results back from Sylvan Learning Center for DD2. She failed the math CRCT test at school by TWO points! Argh!!! So either she needs to be tutored at Sylvan or privately, or go to summer school. She only failed the math portion. I would love to have her in Sylvan, but they estimate that it will be 108 hours of tutoring at $45 an hour (16 hours a week, going 1 hour for 4 afternoons a week) to achieve the goals. Yep it doesn't take a math genius to figure out that that is expensive. That will be over $4,000. I nearly fainted. Summer school is looking better all the time! I would rather have her in a specific tutoring program though, because that wouldn't waste time. She is a good reader and writer, but she would have to go through everything at summer school, whereas I feel her time would be better spent just working on the math. A good thing that came from the Sylvan assessment time was that I had time in the waiting room to get some drawing done.

We spent $160 at Express Oil Change having the air conditioning on our car flushed out and refilled. It worked great yesterday. All of a sudden, it doesn't work today. What a we will need to take it back there. Probably a leak in a hose. In any case, grrr! It is very hot down here in Georgia now. I sweated all the way to my doctor's appointment. It is very tiring to be pregnant in a hot metal box.

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Cindy said...

A boy A Boy!!! Yeah! :) My SIL is having a boy in about two weeks. How exciting for you.

I love pregnant ladies. I admire them for what they have to go through - I've never been pregnant myself. :)


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