Monday, June 20, 2005

Here is a link that should get us off the computer and decluttering.
(when I get over the heebie jeebies that is!) Check out all the neat
little piles of stuff...and ignore the links because they are just
affiliate links to Ebay so our houses can look like this too! Ah well
even packrats have to make a buck! LOL
If that link doesn't work, try

I just hope these people don't live near where they have earthquakes.
This made me sad because if you notice the bookcases, there are some
family pictures in is literally and
figuratively how family and love have been pushed aside for all this junk.

They could really use FlyLady.


Update on June 21st: Showed the link to my husband, who said, 'who are you to judge?'
yes that is true...if they are happy with all that stuff there, that's their business...but if you read what the daughter says about her mother, clearly not all family members are happy with the situation.
I guess it depends if the daughter has to live there or not...or if she is old enough to strike out on her own. Daughters are always quick to criticize their moms I know! :) PS, my dh is being defensive partially because of his piles of stuff in our house ( I could share pictures online too but I won't) LOL


Cindy said...

I've seen that page before, but everytime I look at it, I am amazed. My mom's house is close to looking like that - only not tucked away in neat boxes.

I love the show Clean Sweep. That is all I can think about when I see stuff like that!!

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Oooh, I love Clean Sweep too! Do you get Mission: Organization where you live? One thing I prefer about Mission Organization is that they set up a system to keep it maintained so it won't go out of control again. I can always visualize the Clean Sweep people's homes getting all messy again, because there is no system to control/maintain the clutter on an ongoing basis.


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