Monday, May 30, 2005


Big thanks to our servicepeople in Iraq. I pray you will be able to come home soon!
Love and thoughts to the families who lost loved ones. I'm sorry my words are so inadequate to describe my appreciation.

This story <--Click) moved me to tears when I saw Diego Rincon of Conyers GA featured on CNN. Not even a US Citizen (their family is from Colombia), but after 9-11 he felt he needed to do something. He died in Iraq at age 19. His father spoke so eloquently about his son. I was especially moved (ie broke down) when his father touched the flag he was presented for his son and described the freedom we have in America is not free, and the red stripes on the flag symbolize his sons' blood and the blood of other servicepeople who have died to work to keep our country free.

I am also remembering of course, my father who was in the Army and served on the island of Saipan in the South Pacific/Marianas Islands in WWII. My older brother also served valiantly in Vietnam as a medi-vac helicopter pilot. (he wouldn't say he was valiant, he would just say he was doing his job - so typical of most vets! Thank goodness, he is still living).

My uncle Ted Best had a tradition of putting flags on the gravesites of Veterans on Memorial Day. One time I went with him to do this. Now I have that special memory of my uncle Ted who died a couple years ago.

So have a happy and appreciative Memorial Day. I think sometimes that our society has turned Memorial Day into a day that stores have sales and we have cookouts.

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