Monday, November 15, 2004

I stayed up really late again working on AC's aunt's portrait. I should be able to finish it up tonight.
I really need to get a nap, I am feeling frazzled, especially after 15 month old DS locked himself in a room and I had to practically break down the door (cracked the doorframe) to get him out. He can lock himself in but can't turn a doorknob! I felt muy macho but I sure didn't want the door to hit DS as I put my shoulder into the door. Oh what the hey, I'll write the whole story in my other blog: Humor In Everyday Life so you can hear all about it you nosy little thing you. Who needs sleep? Ok give me a few minutes to type it and then check it :)

The portrait of JC's bull still needs work - I have been doing the color on it, but I'm still not happy with how the head looks. I might have to just draw it with its head down. I really thought I could accomplish the re-positioning of the head for the portrait, but it's just not working - partly I think it's the bull's pose, but mainly my ignorance of bulls. It is really driving me crazy. The landscape is looking good, the bull's body is fine, but it's the bull's head that's the problem. I can't stand not having closure, and this one has taken way too long. My client is a saint!

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