Sunday, November 14, 2004

DD2 has been gone to Carrollton GA for the weekend. She is getting back today. She went with LF (Little Friend) to LF's grandparent's farm. They always have a lot of fun there. I'll be glad when she gets back!
DH is off to his brother's house to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers game. I'll be glad when he gets back too!

I have been trying to just stay focused today on cleaning. Yes, isn't it boring? Cleaning. Laundry. Washing sheets, bed linens, trying to get a foot-up on all the housework. I figure I'll spend today doing that, and then I should be ahead of the game the rest of the week and I can totally focus on just doing a madwoman!

The rest of the week I'll just do general housework upkeep...which is a lot in itself when we're talking about 3 kids! I do get the kids to help, but probably not enough. DS just turned 15 months, and even he will help me move the clothes from the washer into the dryer. He is so determined when he does it too - that lower lip juts out in concentration, it's very cute. He can even close the dryer door. When I bag up the trash and set it down, he will drag a heavy trash bag to the front door and point that he's ready to go! I let him do as much as seems reasonable. I let him lift the outside bin's lid off, and I throw the bag in, then he shuts it. He is quite proud of himself, and we are proud of him!

A smart business move would be for me to hire someone to come in and do the cleaning and upkeep.
I guess it's partially the 'good mother' gene in me that I feel that I should be the one to do it, as if I'm not taking care of my family if I don't...comments? Recommendations for good housekeepers in the Snellville GA area?


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