Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Ah, voting day. It seems like it's too early doesn't it? I didn't get a recorded phone call from Barbara Bush like I did 4 years ago. I hardly received any automated phone calls from candidates at all. Most election times, I'm afraid to pick up my phone. It hasn't been that way this time. Maybe they have clued in that people don't like solicitation calls, after the Do Not Call Act passed.

My daughters are chowing down on Halloween candy, at NINE THIRTY A.M.!!!!

I am ready to go vote, I have been sugar-free for almost 24 hours now.
Can't wait to stand in the lines, just so my husband and I can cancel out each others' votes. I question the intelligence of us voting, since we'll cancel each others' voice, but we decided we just like the adreneline rush of the possibility of having Jury Duty later.

I worked some more on the bull portrait for JC last night. Now that I have my questions answered about how to draw in his ears, I am hopefully good to go. I have been working a lot on the background, as it's full colored pencil. Doing some nice fall foliage, I think it's pleasant. Now to work on creating the depth and shadows to really give some perspective to the piece. I will work on it every night until it's done.

DS (14 months) has discovered the Casio keyboard. He really loves it. It has drums and all kinds of features built in. He knows how to turn it off and on.
He had rice cereal with milk and fruit pieces for breakfast and he's napping now. It's a glorious time. DD1 and DD2 are out of school today because their school is going to be used as a voting place. Hence the ceremonial celebration of the eating of the massive amounts of candy. I hate to spoil their fun. Let them get their own high risk for diabetes when they're older, it's only fair.

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