Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I stayed up late watching the news anchors play a guessing game. I worked on some art while they fiddled with numbers. I drew a variety of daffodils on some dark blue paper. It's kind of like reverse art...light on dark. That was fun and made staying up until 1 am almost worth it.
But I wake up, and there is still no clear presidential winner. I want you to know, this is a primarily non-partisan blog. I don't believe in hitting other people over the head with my political views. I'm kind of Libertarian/Centrist with a Conservative chaser. I vote just like you'd expect a white, married mother in Georgia to vote....but I'm an artist so that throws the whole Conservative thing off.
Oh I was tempted to do a write in vote for Bill The Cat.I just think it would be fun to have a president who spits up hairballs and says "oop" and "ACK!" a lot.
I didn't do any writing in. DH reports that he did in fact do a write in vote for Terry Bradshaw, rather than vote for John Linder, who was running unapposed.

Well that's it for this morning, DS is up and DD2 is up, but DD1 (the one who always wants me to wake her up early) is still sleeping. No surprises there.

Maybe it'll be a couple days before we know who our new President will be. Boy, it is obviously so close! No matter who wins, the losing side will be accusatory and suspicious. Lawsuits! Insane. I'll tell you right now, if you're going to run for President of the United States and you lose, deal with it....set an example a graceful loser... sheesh. [Update: John Kerry WAS indeed gracious].

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