Monday, November 01, 2004

Can you say CANDY rush? Oy vey! I have had WAY too much sugar in the last coupla days! I can't believe I ate the whole thing! Plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief...ok I'll shaddup. I'm giving MYSELF a headache.

You know, most artists would have a hangover from hard liquor or drugs. Then there's me. Sugar addict! I really shouldn't have had ANY sugar. You name it, practically everything I ate or drank yesterday had sugar in it. Sweet tea (this is the south after all), Pepsi, apple pie, small piece of chocolate cake, miscellaneous candy pieces here and there, fruit juice, barbequed beans (brown sugar or molasses in them I'm sure)...even the ketchup had sugar in it. I'm surprised I didn't have sugar induced nightmares last night. I can visualize little sugar cubes chasing me.
Time to visit the insulin bar.

There were a lot of Halloween logistics questions this year. Yes, really! People actually emailed me asking me what we were going to do. Maybe all over the country people were confused because Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, but especially here in the "Bible Belt," people were worried that it would be sacreligious to trick'o'treat on Sunday. I feel that Halloween is on October 31st...period....and if people think Halloween is insulting to God or that it's worshipping the Devil, then they shouldn't celebrate Halloween or trick'o'treat any day of the year. So it's pretty much a non-issue for me. Seems to me that are finding some kind of reason to remove any cause for a party or celebration. Celebrations, parties, and get togethers used to be part of the fun of America. Now everyone is so set to be insulted about something. Am I getting insulted about people being insulted? Or maybe this is just the candy talking! :) Man, I am sooo confused. Maybe a piece of candy will help me think clearer....

I just sent out my very first HTML newsletter through . Oh the confusion. Argh. Argh again I say! I made the HTML part, got it all set (I thought) the way I wanted it to be, then I hit the button that said 'continue' (wait, actually it doesn't say continue, I had to read it hee hee) but then it wanted me to enter the plain text version of the newsletter. Done. Glad to give them the plain text version. Then it wants a title, so I titled it "plain text version."
So what do I and all my subscribers receive? An HTML newsletter that's titled "plain text version"! Argh! And Argh again, I say! Also some of my images showed up in the preview but they did not show up when I received the newsletter. So I have a lot more to learn. No surprise there I guess. It's a learning experience, the next one should be better. It was fun trying to figure out between DS's nap-times. Considering all I'm up against to get anything done, I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished.

The FedEx truck was just here and they brought me my new business cards from Colson!
Whoo Hoo, Wes has come through again. He is awesome. I recommend them to anyone needing printing, but especially art or commercial printing, they are the best!


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Village-Idiot said...

Ah! You are a Godsend! I just asked on Friday if anyone knew of a place I could get a free counter for my blog and you came through for me :-)!! (it was probably dumb luck because I don't think I have more than 3 readers--including myself)

I'll be checking out bravenet right now. Thanks!!


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