Friday, September 17, 2004

Gwinnett County Schools Closing Reports

Need Gwinnett County School Closing Information
for 17 January 2008?



The following blog post is from 2004:

Gwinnett County School system stayed open. 354 schools and businesses closed but Gwinnett County Schools - open. Lots of moaning from the kids about the cruelty of the mysterious person who makes the school closing decisions. Makes me wonder, who is that person? What is his/her motivation? Gotta be a Conservative Republican, with that work ethic. Or just someone who wants to make kids suffer (in my kids' opinion).

Ok Republicans, relax...this is an equal opportunity blog, believe me, I will poke a little fun at everyone (especially politicians) at some point.

I must admit for oh, about 3 seconds there, I almost let them stay home, then I reasoned that, if my main motivation for keeping them home would be safety, then they're so much safer at school, in a cinderblock building on higher ground. Sorry kiddoes! Gotta go to school, must learn, learn learn! Buwahahhaha!

That's my evil laugh, by the way, in case you did not know.

Their friend goes to Covenant Christian Academy in Loganville GA. They did not have school but they didn't let anyone know. Us Christians are blessed by the Lord in many, many ways, but communication is often not one of our best skills. Buwahhahah....

Maybe that's why Art Of Eloquence is doing so well. Wow, check out those book covers. I wonder who did them? Buwahahaha :)

But I digress....LF's (Little Friend) mom drove her out to school because Covenant Christian wasn't mentioned on the school closings on the radio or on TV.

At least they give the students and parents credit for intelligence. They knew that when people arrived and found the school darkened and locked, everyone would be sharp enough to pick up on the fact that there would be no school. Gotta hand it to the school - teaching logic and deduction! That is a freebie with the tuition. Pretty cool, huh?

Oh, you think it was just accidental, and they just messed up and didn't tell anyone? You could be right.

Speaking of schools, how about today's weird news article?

Just when I thought I was done: You Too Can Apprehend a Burglar by Sitting On Him

We sure have an interesting world.

Have a great day!

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