Friday, September 17, 2004

This just in - Rembrandt may have had a wandering eye.
They call it misaligned in the article, but from their description, it sounds a lot like extropia, or strabismus -
how on earth do I know such technical terms for it? My DD2 has it. If you've ever seen a kid with a patch on her eye, to correct what they call 'lazy eye,' that's the same thing.

It is very true that it actually helps artists to cover or close one eye occasionally. I also will squint so I can break down what I'm working on into contrasts of light and dark. If you squint-look at an artwork, and all you see is the same shade, then your artwork is lacking contrast. Another helpful thing is to hold your artwork up to a mirror and look at it that way. I also find that when I scan an artwork and look at it on the computer screen, I will see all kinds of corrections that need to be made that I wasn't able to see looking right at the paper.

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