Friday, September 17, 2004

Mother Nature really packed a punch in Snellville GA last night. I was amazed we didn't lose power. There was a LOT of rain in a very short amount of time. Our backyard flooded up. There is a creek in our neighborhood and the National Weather Service warned of Flash Flooding. DH and I went to the back yard with firewood to build up a 'dam' to keep the water from coming up higher toward our back door. Never underestimate the importance of rubber shoes.

The makeshift dam of firewood, 2x4's, and landscaping rocks worked.
I had towels by the back door anyway, just in case.

At one time, I heard a weird noise. Not recognizing it, but feeling that it could be a tornado, I sent DD2 into the bathroom (the most center part of the house) with the battery operated radio to listen for reports and call for the whole family if it should turn out to be the real thing. It wasn't. I still don't know what the noise was. I was in there talking to DD2 and telling her that it wasn't necessary YET to adopt the duck and cover position (she had been in that position when I entered - I chastised myself for not being more clear about what I wanted her to do!) when DD1 urgency yelled that DH wanted me to grab the phone and get ready to call the police.

A pickup truck had turned a corner in our neighborhood, there was lots of water, and the pickup truck had lost control and nearly tipped over. Some of the construction materials on the truck had fallen off. One of the guys was out of the truck and screaming obscenities and threats to the person in the truck, demanding that he get out. More obscenities, more screaming. Seemed to be escalating. Tried 911....ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring (gee, I'm glad I'm not being murdered)...ring, ring, ring, ring (ah nevermind, they have bigger fish to fry during this storm I guess!) so I hung up. Then I remembered I still had the Cell phone number of our friendly neighborhood cop in my Household Notebook (thank you, Flylady!) I spoke with the Officer, and told him about the situation. We spent so long discussing that the guy sped off out of our neighborhood and there is a hill, so we couldn't see which direction he turned.

Officer : "Did you get a tag number?"

Me : "No sorry, couldn't see from our position, it's raining hard and we're dealing with a yard flooding situation here." (and if you were here in person, you could see my thick eyeglass lenses!)


At 9:42 DD1 was in the living room with me, watching TV. She couldn't sleep because of the storm. Frankly, I couldn't either. I was working on an artwork that had a lot of hair to draw (very relaxing fo the nerves).

The AM radio station that was giving weather reports every 2 seconds all through the day suddenly had NO weather to report when I needed it most. It seems that when the Atlanta Braves are playing and the game's being broadcast, no weather happens. To me this is proof that most of their talk of 'we're here for you, when severe weather happens, we break in" (for legal reasons, they should add: "Unless the BRAVES are playing!")
I was dealing with the Titanic, and the Braves Played On.

BIG C-c-cRACK! Sounded like a tree fell and then there was a bang on the roof right above me.
DD1 and I were so sure that it was one of the several pine trees in our yard. We were scared senseless.
We rush in the bedroom and wake up DH. Possessing great powers of brilliance, he comes into the living room, turns on the back porch light, and LOOKS OUT. It's a tree branch. A good sized tree branch, but JUST a tree branch. He states, "Did you think about turning on the porch light and looking?"

Ok, we're sheepish. We're cowards. I'm dense. No I didn't think of looking. I just freaked.

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