Saturday, May 29, 2010

What would be a good anniversary gift?

Lots of wedding anniversaries come up in June.
It can be hard to decide on a good anniversary gift.

When a couple's been married a long time, they probably already have many knick-knacks and really don't need any more to dust. A pencil portrait of the couple when they first met is a nice idea for an anniversary present.

I've done portraits that were double portraits - meaning, that I drew the couple on the left side of the paper as they looked when they became engaged, and on the right side on their 35th anniversary. Another idea is a portrait of all the grandchildren, or even a portrait of the couples' pets!

If the couple is approaching their first anniversary, did you know that the traditional First Anniversary present is paper? So that makes a pencil portrait drawn from a photo (drawn on paper, of course!) a perfect 1st anniversary gift!

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Anonymous said...

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