Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Art auction to raise funds for local food bank

ART AUCTION in conjunction with Snellville Farmer's Market:

SNELLVILLE GA: On Saturday, June 5th and Saturdays through October, Snellville artist Darla Dixon will be under a white festival tent, painting a colorful picture of the surrounding scene.

Dixon says the art will be different from her usual style, which is typically pencil, realistic, and black and white. "I'm either going to work in acrylics or oil pastel. I haven't decided, but I expect it will be very bright and colorful. I'm going to do pictures of the scene in front of me."

An exciting part of watching original art unfold is that even the artist herself is not sure what the art will become, until it's done. What the art will be depends on what the artist sees.

Visitors to Snellville's first Farmer's Market can watch the art be created on the spot. Art lovers can bid on the original artwork by silent auction. All proceeds from the art auction will go to the Southeast Gwinnett Cooperative Ministry (the area's local food bank.)

The Southeast Gwinnett Co-op helps those in need with more than food - they also help with utility bills and prescriptions when the resources are available.

Dixon says, "Many people who used to donate to the food bank are now seeking help themselves after job loss. The need is greater than ever. That's why raising actual money for them is so important."

Darla Dixon will be at the Farmer's Market from 9 until noon. The Farmer's Market starts at 8 am and ends at noon. The Farmer's Market will be located by Snellville City Hall at Main Street and Oak Road.

Donation drums will be available and the public is encouraged to support the Southeast Gwinnett Co-op food bank with donations of canned goods, peanut butter, or grape jelly. Paper goods like toilet paper and paper towels are also appreciated.

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