Saturday, August 08, 2009

In Georgia, kids go back to school Monday 8/10

My son will be entering first grade. On his list for school was "24 glue sticks." I thought aloud: TWENTY FOUR glue sticks?!? If these things didn't say "non-toxic" on the label, I'd swear your teacher was addicted to glue!"

All right, that wasn't a very appropriate thing for me to say out loud, in the middle of a big retail store. But it was just a joke, really.

I received sidelong glances from some of the parents who overheard me as they circled the cardboard bins of school supplies. I think some of them had been shuffling hopelessly for hours. Their eyes had a blank, glassy stare as they participated in the annual scavenger hunt that is back-to-school. ...[more]

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