Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Atlanta Artist Examiner

I've been staying pretty busy with work. The economic signs are very dismal (and scary!) so I feel blessed that I am still getting portrait work requests. Typically, this time of year is very un-busy for me. I am thankful.

I have started writing some articles for It's a very busy website, so I hope someone will see what I have written! I'm the Atlanta Artist Examiner, but I'm not going to just write about arts in Atlanta. I love marketing, so a lot of articles will be about that.

So far I have written 3 articles:

Your best art customers - and how to get more like them

Social networking basics for artists

Cultivating your connections

Although these articles are geared toward artists, you may find information you can use no matter what your business is.

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cscottdraw said...

Thats awesome! You really are great at writting all of that stuff =)


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