Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Digital Thieves at Art Shows

Excerpt from a Detroit Free Press article (find a link to full article at end of this post)

"......"In Grayling, I watched parents walk through my booth with their early teenage children," he says. "Then, after leaving, they handed the children a pocket size digital camera. The children then walked back in my booth and started taking pictures of my work.

I say started because I stopped them by putting my hand between the camera and the art. I walked them out to their parents and told them to stay out of my booth. First the father said that he and his wife didn’t know that the children were copying my work.

I informed him that I watched he and his wife give the camera to the children, point back at my booth and watch the children walk directly back into my booth. The parents stayed in front of my booth watching the children get caught.

Then the father informed me that they liked the images but didn’t want to pay that much for them. I told them that it was illegal and if I caught them again, I would press charges. At that the Father started yelling that as a grown man, I must feel good picking on children. I responded with; at least I don’t teach my children to steal."...

...More....Digital thieves are plaguing artists at Michigan art shows
Detroit Free Press - United States

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Ahermitt said...

At my last visit to New Orleans, I saw an explosive fight break out because someone photographed an artists work. More often than not, it is another artist looking for inspiration.

It is very sad to steal someone's intellectual ideas in that way.

As an artist, If I were going to do an artshow, I would be more worried about cameras than about outright shoplifting.


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