Saturday, July 26, 2008

All About Hedcut - Stipple Ink Dot Portraits

I've created a new Squidoo page all about stipple (or Hedcut) style portraits. These are the portraits made completely out of small ink dots and dashes, made famous by the Wall Street Journal. In fact, people sometimes call them "Wall Street Journal Style" portraits when they don't know the official name for them.

People also call it Pointillism, but pointillism is generally dots of different colors placed near each other, so that when you move away from the artwork, the colors seem to merge. So I tend to think of Stipple as the black and white ink drawings, and pointillism as color.

If you ever wondered about the portraits, I hope this page will tell you everything you ever wanted to know.

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This Person Is A Weirdo said...

I love painting in this manner. I actually discovered in because I lost my paint brushes and could afford new ones. My solution? Paint with a chopstick!


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