Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's good to be drawing again!

Last night I finished a pencil portrait of a little boy, and I started on a portrait of his brother (they are twins.) The boys are in the reference photograph together, but their pencil portraits will be separate. I think that will be very nice for them. I was glad to finally have a little time to get some artwork done.

It has been hard to find time to work with the kids out of school for spring break here. Drawing must do a lot for me psychologically, because when I can't get time to draw, I feel all "out of sorts." That's the best way I can describe it. I just feel better when I have been able to do some artwork. It helps me feel more in balance.

I received big news yesterday. A posthumous portrait I drew 1st Lt. Shaun Blue may be included in a news story that will be run in some Indiana newspapers, and perhaps even the Christian Science Monitor. The Christian Science Monitor is an International newspaper. Lt. Blue's friend wrote an article about the loss of his friend. The article will move you to tears. I will post the link to the article if it is published online. It will be interesting to see what happens.


Mark said...

Hi Darla,

When I read about how you had started drawing the other twin boy (having finished the first), it immediately reminded me of the following joke which you may have heard before:

A dear Spanish lady and her beloved Middle-Eastern husband recently were blessed with twins. The father took the opportunity to name the one son Amahl (after his father), and the mother then named the other son Juan (after her father). Baby pictures were sent to all their relatives, but many of them wrote back asking why they had received a picture of only one of the babies. The parents wrote in reply: "We told you that they were twins. If you've seen Juan, you've seen Amahl."

(groan) Sorry if you've heard it before. It's an old juan.

Darla, I'm glad you've had the insight to suggest making individual drawings for each person. And of course, even twins are special individuals, one and all!

I enjoy your wonderful drawings, and visit this site often.

All the best,

p.s. I am currently making pencil drawings of my three sons. I'm making them as a surpise for my wife. She knows that I draw, but she doesn't know about these!!!

Darla said...

Mark, I have heard it before, but it's a good one! I have twin girls who are 14 and they are very different, but mine are fraternal twins so they aren't identical. I find it interesting that one of my daughters seems more like my husband (personality-wise) and her sister seems more like me (personality and is very artistic)

Glad that you visit here often. I will work on being more interesting! LOL I would love to see the portraits when you are done!


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