Saturday, April 12, 2008

Evil, tricksy printer, we hates it, we do

I have a truly horrible, evil little printer. It was inexpensive, but where they 'getcha' is in the printer cartridges. It's an Epson printer and really great for photos, so that's probably why the printer ink cartridges are so expensive. If I buy all 6 colors needed at the same time, it's easily a $100 expense.

The main issue I have with it is that if you run out of one of the colors - (just one!) won't print anything. Sometimes I can prod it along and go to Advanced printer settings and get it to print only in black and white and it will work.

But, of course - when you really need it to work...desperately, of course it won't work. I was out of Light Cyan, but I had an unused regular Cyan and tried to use it in Light Cyan's spot...nope, it wouldn't fit. It's been designed so other print cartridges can't fit.

I needed to print out the Illustrator's Agreement for the Christian Science Monitor - I needed to print it and get it faxed quickly. I called the UPS Store and asked John if I could email him the file and get it printed and faxed there. He said "sure!" ... so I was so glad to be able to use them as my office away from home. It really worked great.

This is really something not really worth blogging about, but I just want to say...don't be fooled by an inexpensive printer. An inexpensive printer will probably mean very expensive ink cartridges.

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