Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Running in mud

I have been busy all day, but I don't know where the time went! Have you ever had a day like that?

I went to Kohl's Department Store to return jeans and a shirt - that went, except that Kohl's puts their Return Department in the far back corner of the store, so I had to pass many displays of stuffed animals and Easter decorations to get there....not a problem, unless you have a 2 year old child with you like I did!

Little Guy is a very tactile learner. He had to stop and look/touch everything. I saw other people heading back to the Returns Department - if I didn't have to stop and show Little Guy every item on the way to the returns desk, we would have been first in line...instead, we were third. I think they put the department in the back of the store so you see tons of stuff you will be tempted to buy on your way back there. Evil! Evil and brilliant. I have to admire that.

Then I went to cash a check at BB&T Bank. While I was there, I considered possibly opening a checking account with them - after all, free unlimited checks! The only catch is that you have to keep a balance of $25,000 in your account all the time so your account is free. (sorry, I just fell down....) Just how much do they charge for those checks, anyway...that you would need to keep $25K in there to get free checks?!? Hey bank, give me the free checking and let me pay you for the checks. The lowest priced option was $15 service fee per month, and I think with that you need to keep $1,500 in your checking account at all times.

The reason I want to get a checking account for my business in Snellville is that I have a credit union membership, but the only offices for it are in Marietta, which is on the other side of the Atlanta area from where I am. I have never physically been in a location of my credit union. I have done everything by mail or online. I guess I will continue. It's free, truly free, except for the checks.

Ok, let's see...what else did I do?

Oh yes, went to eat at Wendy's, where the burger was not salted enough and the french fries were over-salted. I considered putting the french fries inside my burger. Didn't though. I shouldn't have been eating french fries anyway.

In the restaurant, Little Guy was fascinated by the fake flower in the glass vase on the table. Before I could stop him, he had taken the flowers out and put the opening of the vase into his mouth. Then he wanted out of his seat, and I wouldn't let him, so his next comment was to loudly say, "I n'go poopie!!!" I didn't believe he truly needed to go to the bathroom, so I called his bluff. By the time I got to Home Depot, he had indeed "go poopied."

Mental note - believe him next time.

So I changed him inside the car and we went into Home Depot to look for an aerator for my kitchen sink faucet. The hunt was unsuccessful. They do carry them, but there are several different sizes, so I will have to go back. The trip to Home Depot made me realize that I really need to win or be given oh, $50,000 to $75,000 for the home renovations I would like to do! Yep, yep, that should about cover it all. I saw so many things I liked.


King M. Mugabi said...

nice art


Cindy said...

Does you credit union belong to a network of credit unions? My CU is about 50 miles north of me, but they belong to a network, so I can do certain transactions at a local CU - like get cash, deposit a check, get a cashier's check, etc. You should check into it. When I first moved down here, there wasn't a close one, but now there is.

When we moved down here, I wanted a local checking account and I had to search and search and finally went with a local bank that had free checking. It's funny that you have to have $25K in your account to get some $13 checks. Haha

Darla said...

That's a good idea, thanks Cindy! I hadn't thought about checking into the network.

It's pretty easy to tell which banks want corporate customers and don't want to bother with "the little guy" when you see so-called banking deals like these! Maybe I am just spoiled by the credit unions!

Darla said...

Thank you, King! I'm glad you stopped by. It's quite a compliment from an artist of your caliber.


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