Monday, March 10, 2008

Wake Up, Mommy!

Thanks to Jonathan Bailey telling me about BitScan, I did find more people stealing text from my website. I will be working on totally re-writing the first page of my website. I want it to stay unique. The uniqueness is important for search engines. I will continue to fight for my rights against people stealing my site's content, but I guess it's a good time to have new text anyway. I think I can make it better. It's just a matter of finding time for it.

Little Guy (2 yrs old) now has Croup. I am feeling a bit under the weather too - and the flu is going around the Atlanta area. I have heard of several adults who have had to go to the hospital because of high fever with the flu. Scary! As long as I get some sleep (eventually) I am okay. The hard part of a toddler being sick is that they are whiny and clingy. We cuddled up under a blanket and watched Toy Story for the 13,468,290th time. As long as I appear to be looking toward the television set, I can sometimes catch a little cat nap. But if Little Guy notices I am sleeping, he will say, "Wake up, Mommy!" and touch my cheeks and I am forced into consciousness again. I can't say no to him when he has those pouty lips and rosy cheeks from being sick.

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