Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Playing with markers

My Owl sketch needs you to visit him and comment. Owl is lonely, and jealous of the little girl pencil portrait that is getting all the attention. He thinks it's because of the blob of ink near his ear, but he's not sure. I think he is feeling as if only the realistic owl pictures will ever get any attention.
If not for his sunglasses, everyone would see his little birdie tears streaming down.

I feel responsible for his mental health, because I created him as an example for possible publication for children. He was so looking forward to all the kids enjoying him, but he has been totally ignored. No response. Nada. Tsk, tsk! His mommy should learn to not draw until she gets paid, because that's the policy, but it still did not put her in a "fowl" mood, because mommy wubs her wittle owlie sketch a lot.

(ummm...) yeah...
Visit Owl here

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