Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Art Award of Sorts

One of my portraits made it into the "Top Ten Club" of all the 422,733 images on Artwanted.com yesterday. I think they get into the top ten by the number of views and comments (or maybe it's just the number of comments, I'm not sure)

It is really exciting to see an artwork rank on there...after all, there are more than 21,000 artists showing their artwork on that site. Here's the drawing. I would love it if you would comment, because maybe it will rank again!

What's shown isn't how the portrait looked like in the end. I added sort of a ruffled edge to the young lady's shirt. It was amazing how just one small thing like that really improved it. I added the ruffle at my client's house after we discussed it, so that's why I didn't get a new scan of the art.
I don't go to all of my client's homes, but if they are within about 20 miles I try to do that.

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