Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Incredible Velcro Boy

Little Guy (two years old) has been sick the last couple days.

When he is feeling really bad, he turns into "Velcro Boy." He clings to me like crazy. I can move 12 inches away from him and he'll cry. It is really tiring for me, but I must admit I like swaddling up and cuddling that pink-cheeked boy who adores his momma. He doesn't cuddle other times, because he tries to act like a "big boy" like his big brother.

He's been running a 102 fever. I could manage it better if he would only accept the liquid children's Advil or Tylenol. They don't taste bad at all, but he throws a fit when he's not in control and doesn't feel well. We actually had to hold him down to give him his medicine. That makes me feel really bad, but it's for his own good. As long as his temperature is manageable, I don't worry too much, and I make sure he drinks a lot of watered down juice.

The local power company conducts a free home energy audit and I had to reschedule that. I know I will find out some things I don't know, but I also think I will find out things I already know - like, that our house has the same insulation R-factor as a Marcal paper napkin. But it will be good to get trouble spots highlighted and fixed.

Well, I need to go. Little Guy is asking for Pop-Tarts. There are no Pop-Tarts in the house. Ruh roh.

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