Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My two youngest

Little Man is age 4 and this is his Pre-K photo. He missed out on today's Santa pictures at school, because he has Pink-eye. I think I have it too. The fun just never stops at our house! LOL
But isn't he cute? I know I am biased, oh well. I worked with the Gamma Correction function in my graphics program because his eyes are really too dark in this photo. He has beautiful brilliant blue eyes. Here is a drawing I did of him from an earlier picture.

Little Guy is 2 years old, and he had his picture taken last week with Santa Claus at his preschool. You can tell he's nervous because he's sitting there stiff as a board, but at least he's not crying.

1 comment:

letti said...

poor little 2 year old :) you're right. at least he's not bawling.. what sweeties they are.


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