Friday, December 14, 2007

Embarrassing Story

Sometimes I need to take an artwork outdoors to be able to have good light and take a digital photo. I have an art board with a clip on it, and one time I was photographing and a huge gust of wind came up and lifted the artwork off the board. It swooshed across my driveway, flying perilously close to a mud puddle.

I scrambled to grab it with all the grace of a cartoon character. (imagine sound effects "woop woop woop!!!" as I slid through the mud chasing after my artwork.

It swooshed under the car and came out the other side by the time I could get to it.

I expected the portrait I worked on lovingly for hours to be completely ruined.

Amazingly, it was in perfect shape!
I was the one in rough shape, with mud all over my shoes and leg. LOL!

So now I always tape an artwork to the board, and I am very picky about what kind of weather we're having before I take art outside.

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letti said...

oo i'm glad it was still pristine. Yay! Merry Christmas!


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