Friday, December 28, 2007

Couple portrait

Here's a portrait I did by Christmas - this photo shows it on my trusty art board. You may not be able to see very well, but the emblem on the lower right is the Auburn University Logo. The gentleman in the portrait was the recipient of the portrait gift. He is a big fan of Auburn!

The artwork is in graphite pencil, but I did the logo in Lyra colored pencils. The size of the paper is 14"x17"....It came out very bright...unfortunately this photo of the artwork is not so bright! But it will give you the idea.

This couple became engaged just a few days before they received this artwork.

It was very joyous news to hear, because I have done several artworks for this lovely lady, and a very weird thing was, when I was drawing this, I thought to myself, "they are a cute couple, I wonder if they will get married!" I don't really go in for that psychic stuff, but sometimes I do get a feel for what's going on with people in pictures.

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genxster said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment. Your pencil portraits are really nice. I will definitely be stopping by again.
Happy New Year.


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