Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nice new look of website

If you haven't been to my website lately, check out the new look: LINK

What's new is the 'topper' or leaderboard I think they call it, at the very top of my site.

I just love how it has depth and that two-toned swoosh line. The left part of it is basically my new logo that I will need to incorporate into all my marketing materials (oh great, work!) But it looks so wonderful it will be so worth any time it takes to get it all organized.

I shouldn't have been putting this off for so long. It's really 'Step One' of branding, to think of a logo etc.

If you like it and want something for your site, here's the lady to contact, and tell her I sent you!
She was great to work with!



Cindy said...

Looks nice! Yeah for you. :)

letti said...

ooo it's v. nice! :)


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